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$40 / 5 Links
  • TF 25+ & DA 10+
  • Non-spammy,Dripfeed
  • .com, .net, .org…
  • Unique Content


$40 / 2 Links
  • TF 35+ & DA 15+
  • Non-spammy,Dripfeed
  • .com, .net, .org…
  • Unique Content

Buy Backlinks / Backlink Service - Guide/FAQ

Backlink-building is the process of getting backlinks to your site from other popular websites(use a blog,guest posting,create profile,..).It is an SEO strategy that can improve your search positions.

Getting bulk backlinks from high-quality sites increase your site’s authority. Google algorithms rank it higher among results pages (SERPs).

Website can get a competitive advantage if it has more link popularity than a competing site. Combine link-building with other SEO strategies to win

Good backlink gets thumbs up in Google.Backlink should be “must-have”.
Avoid bad seller, use backlink checker to analysis your website

It depends on the niche difficulty competition
After purchase , it takes 3-8 weeks to crawled by Google bot

-Buy Backlinks Social Stack Media( very important at begin)
-Backlinks authority ( Amazon BacklinksGoogle Play BacklinksPodcast BacklinksGoogle Chrome BacklinkEdu Gov BacklinkWikipedia backlink)
– PBN Links ( this is black-hat SEO backlinks)
Backlinks Web 2.0( Blog,Comment,Profile,…)
They are white-hat black-hat backlink, and it worth for USA,UK,INDIA…and another countries
Diversity type of link you earn,and of course it make your website look more natural

Yes, this is still a thing. Multi-million dollar businesses in the insurancecasinoe-commercetechnology and finance industries are all buying a huge amount of links.
Buy links reduces the workload building links requires (e.g., creating quality contentprospecting for link opportunities, and building manual backlinks) and significantly cuts down the time it takes to start seeing results.
With this in mind, many SEO professionals don’t mind taking a chance in 2023.
By the way , beside buy backlink , redirect domain will play big role in 2023 too

So before buy backlinks, you should perfect your On-Page SEO.
And if you don’t have time to do that , use our On Page SEO Services
Not sure why you’re not ranking on page #1 for your focus keywords in Google? You might be making one of the mistakes a lot of site owners make.
Read this : most common SEO mistakes. They will help you. Check this list and make sure you’re not making any of these common SEO mistakes. And keyword cannibalization, this can mess Google Bot , and this one is the most popular SEO mistakes also



In today’s industries, buying backlinks has since catapulted into in-demand use and popularity. Refusing to pay for backlinks means that you are missing out on a wide array of quality articles and websites present on the internet. Nowadays, one of the key factors that potentially impact certain industries is buying backlinks.

As competition grows among businesses, it is vital to get ahead of the game. Business tycoons, international companies have all invested in purchasing backlinks. As such, it is a wise decision to buy backlinks and start to invest in the market that adds value to your business.


Buying backlinks may not be in favor of Google’s terms and regulations. Simply, Google is against the concept of artificially getting links from other websites. So, what was the rationale behind Google’s disapproval of purchasing backlinks?

One of the key reasons why this infamous search engine dislikes buying backlinks is because it is considered an illegal link scheme. Keeping in track with Google’s guidelines means that buying backlinks should not even be considered in the first place. However, despite these words of warnings from Google, buying backlinks is still considered common practice.

As search engine optimization (SEO) shows no signs of slowing down, purchasing backlinks also gains traction. As the practice continues to be adopted by many people, it seems that Google gives up on giving due punishment to people who purchase backlinks. Now, what they did is to devalue links and websites that may have opted to link schemes.

As competition grows among businesses, it is vital to get ahead of the game. Business tycoons, international companies have all invested in purchasing backlinks. As such, it is a wise decision to buy backlinks and start to invest in the market that adds value to your business.

Your Website has a backlink from an external site(1)


Buying backlinks comes with necessary precautions. Truth be told, this industry is not without its risks. As such, here are some of the key reasons why purchasing backlinks involves risks and uncertainties.

One of the risks involved in buying backlinks is that your money might lead to little to no impact on your industry. Buying links does not guarantee immediate success in your business’ ranking. Backlinks purchased from directories and forums may have little impact on your website’s ranking. Here, Google easily recognizes links from these sites and automatically blocks these links to enter your website.

Another downside of buying backlinks is that your website might have a chance of being suspended or taken down. Here, an expert might detect and notice that your website is not compliant with the guidelines set by Google and thus, decides to send you an immediate manual action. In an instant, you might risk losing your current ranking, and eventually, your site is removed from the digital platform.

Conversely, receiving a manual action is as rare as getting your site suspended from human reviewers. It seems that Google likely ignores low-quality backlinks and spam. So, you might have the chance to keep your site and still buy backlinks.

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