About Us

What Is BacklinkCare.com?

BacklinkCare.com was founded by a South Korea born SEO expert, ‘MyungHwan Hong’ with the purpose of helping SEOs worldwide build their off-page SEO hassle-free and in the right way.

BacklinkCare.com is a convenient platform for SEOs and digital marketers who strive to build their backlinks and toxic-free healthy link profile in order to achieve best optimized Google SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) by the all in one service: ‘Link Building services’, ‘Blogger Outreach services’, and ‘Content Writing/Creation’. 

With this off-page SEO platform,‘BacklinkCare.com’, link building is made easier than ever: Just few clicks away to achieve high authority and well traffic websites’ links back to your website with full control over what links you gain, and where your content is published until you get 100% fully satisfied with the link placement and content publication. (With your pre-approval capability & dashboard’s instant communication system enabling you to directly communicate with our team via message, live chat, phone call, and e-mail at any time of your need.)

The Vision of BacklinkCare.com

BacklinkCare.com was designed to offer a comprehensive off-page SEO building platform with a focus on ‘link building’ and ‘blogger outreach’ to ease the hard work of outreaching bloggers and website owners every time they want to build a link, and to guide them in ‘the RIGHT WAY’ of link building campaigns.

BacklinkCare.com has their thrilling vision and mission to become an internationally recognized top-notch digital marketing platform that every digital marketer and SEO in the world can’t work their job without. To realize the exciting dream, BacklinkCare.com promises that they will never stop their efforts getting better every moment forward.

Their vision of the near future will more solidify their presence in helping marketers worldwide; they’re planning to develop and service a number of SEO software that would help make SEO jobs easier, such as backlink analytics software, blogger outreach management tool, and other comprehensive SEO tools in one place and at affordable prices. (Ahrefs and SEMrush are way too much, right?)


What Makes Us Different From Other SEO Agencies?

  • Transparency: We get paid for just what we’ve done. We charge based on the number of links built, articles published on influencers’ sites. Every content and link placement has its fixed price and billed openly to our clients, different from other SEO agencies charging thousands of dollars a month for something unknown and sceptical. 
  • Quality Link Placements: As we always stress, we do not deal with any link from a PBN (Private Blog Network), Link Farm, Web 2.0, or such shoddy, cheapy, or low-quality websites/web pages. We only deal with the links that actually help your SEO or increase your web traffic.
  • Communication: We love chatting, discussing, and all kinds of communication with our clients at any time (even cracking jokes!). They probably have a lot to ask us or discuss with us at their campaign. We openly communicate with all our visitors and clients for any topic via our Live Chat, On-Site Messenger (on User Dashboard), E-mail, or Phone Call. We’re offering free SEO consultation too. Don’t worry, you don’t have to buy anything from us just to talk! (Always welcome!)
  • In-Depth Expertise: We specialize particularly in Off-Page SEO sorts – ‘Link Building’ , ‘Content Outreach’, ‘Backlink Research’, and ‘Traffic Increase’. As we’re only into the particular area, our expertise in Off-Page SEO is extraordinary and we’re shaping a value for clients with our knowledge that you can count on.
  • 99.99% Customer Satisfaction: We deliver links for you until you’re 99.99% satisfied. You totally can disapprove the link delivered if you don’t like it and it keeps going until you receive one that you like. (If saying 100% satisfaction, it’s a lie because there’s none to 100% in the world. We would rather choose being honest, but what we make sure is to make it nearest possible to being perfect to 100%) 
  • No Contract, No Obligation: This is a nice perk using our link building platform (BacklinkCare.com). You don’t have to be obligated to a scary contract that binds your freedom with tiring contract terms and agreements. All our services proceed on a one-time transaction basis which doesn’t leave you with a recurring obligation or burden after the project.